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Thang, Hanson Injured for Irish

Two of Notre Dame's top forwards, Christian Hanson and Ryan Thang were injured in Notre Dame's dramatic Friday night win against Ohio State last weekend and were unable to play in the second game on Sunday.

Today, the severity of those injuries were revealed. Christian Hanson has a mild concussion and there is "a less than 50 percent chance he plays this weekend" while Ryan Thang will miss three to six weeks with a high ankle sprain.

The good news for Notre Dame is that there isn't serious need to rush those guys back from injury. They've got a four point lead over second place Miami in the CCHA with six games to play. It shouldn't be a big deal for Hanson to miss one weekend of games while he heals up.

For Thang, it's likely the earliest he could return would be against 11th place Michigan State, but the Irish are guaranteed a bye the following week in the first round of the CCHA playoffs, so ideally, he would be able to rest for four weeks and then return to the ice in the second round of the CCHA playoffs to prepare himself for the CCHA and NCAA tournament. Ankle sprains can be tricky though and have a way of lingering. But at least he's not definitely out for the year with a catastropic knee injury.