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Mike Kemp is in trouble in Omaha. Before the season, the school's chancellor talked tough about the team finishing in the top four or else. After taking only one point at home against Western Michigan, a top four finish is pretty much out of the question for UNO. UNO has a bye the last weekend of the season, so they're already two games ahead of everyone, and their final two series are at Michigan and home against Notre Dame. has them at less than 1% to finish in the top four.

On the topic of Sarah Palin's disastrous effect on the hockey world, it was pointed out to me that Manny Legace injured himself tripping over Sarah Palin's ceremonial carpet, and now, he has been demoted to the AHL.

Andy Baggot wrote a pretty weak blog entry about how he's too good to read things on the internet and No Alibis, No Regrets appropriately fisked it , pointing out that he obviously does.

There are some flavors of Vitamin Water that NCAA athletes aren't allowed to drink

There's a #1 vs. #2 match-up in Minnesota tonight as Bloomington Jefferson takes on Eden Prairie. Also, Fox Sports North is showing Wayzata take on Buffalo at 7:30 CST tonight.

The US U17 team won the gold in the Vlad Dzurilla tournament in Slovakia and goalie Jack Campbell was named Best Goaltender.

The Star-Tribune took their turn at profiling Joey Benik.