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Recruiting News

In advance of tonight's big match-up on FSN between Benilde and Hill-Murray, The Star-Tribune actually put out a pretty informative article--I know, I was suprised too--on someof the college prospects in tonight's game.

A couple thoughts on the article...

Jacob Meyers has played great so far this year, but it could come down to which team is willing to gamble on a high school before seeing him play in junior hockey.

Part of the debate about letting Bemidji into the WCHA was that it would give more scholarship opportunities for in-state players and keep talent from heading out east. Bemidji didn't recruit many Minnesotans while in the CHA, but things have definitely changed since being admitted into the WCHA. You see their name listed as showing interest in just about every top Minnesota player these days.

It sounds like Tyson Fulton is leaning towards following his brother Jordan to Duluth. I've been less impressed with Tyson than I was with Jordan when he was in high school, but Jordan was also part of an extremely weak senior class. A lot of the big names from that class-- David Fischer, Mike Forney, David Grun, Nick Oslund, Andy Sackrison--have been pretty disappointing. Tyson is competing against a pretty deep, talented group of kids this year, so maybe there is more there than I give him credit for.

I should also point out that in addition to FSN's hockey broadcast tonight, the Minnesota Sports Broadcast Network will have a free live video broadcast of tonight's game between Breck and St. Thomas. That's a pretty nice job out of them to get one of the better games in the state out there for people to see.