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Yeah, you know what happened. Quick bullets...

-David Warsofsky is bad and he should feel bad. Powerplay or not, why was he on the ice that late in the game? He was terrible all night and his weakass wave at Pietrangelo was the crowning moment.

-The US would have won if Kristo, Stepan, and D'Amigo could have stayed on the ice the last 10 minutes of the game. That line was incredible. Carlson and Fowler barely left the ice either and they were outstanding. The US didn't have the depth to keep up with Canada if the game had gone on any longer, but those guys played an amazing game.

-I'm pretty sure this makes like 18 straight shootout goals for Canada against the US. WTF? Make a damn save.

-Even if Jordan Schroeder isn't the happiest with things at Minnesota, his defensive game has improved tremendously over the past two years. He's not a bad penalty killer.

-I'm pretty sure Canada will be changing their powerplay scheme so they're not leaving one man at the top of the point. Canada controlled the game, but almost lost because of some costly turnovers.

-It sucks, but I have a tough time seeing the US medaling here. They're better than Finland, but I think the potential for a letdown after blowing this lead is pretty good. If they get past the Finns, I don't like their chances against Sweden and then they're probably playing the Russians for the bronze. I don't know if they'll be able to lean on Carlson and Fowler as much as they need to with that many tough games in a row.