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USA Trims the Roster

The US whittled its roster down to 24 players yesterday after a three-day camp in Grand Forks which included a 4-2 win over North Dakota. The players that were cut were Justin Faulk, Jon Merrill, John Moore, David Wohlberg, Vinny Saponari, and Kenny Ryan. Two more players will be released by the time they announce the official roster on Wednesday.

I'm a little surprised to see Moore get cut just based on all the hype, and I thought they'd keep one of the '92s as a 7th defenseman. I'm not really sure who the last cut will be on defense.I wasn't always in favor of taking John Ramage, but looking at that group, they need someone who can hit people to go with the group of skaters they have back there.

I'm disappointed but not surprised to see Wohlberg among the forward cuts. He played his way into contention last year, and played himself out this year. I still think Luke Walker is the odd man out if he's still recovering from that nasty injury.