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Video of Kaunisto/Cooper Hit

Video of the hit that got Northern Michigan's Ray Kaunisto suspended for one game two weekends ago has surfaced on YouTube. You can watch it here:

The CCHA's press release seemed to emphasize the hit being a blindside hit as the impetus for suspension, and I'm not sure I see it as being a blindside hit. Kaunisto is a lot taller than Cooper and happened to catch his shoulder in his head. It's very reminiscent of Jade Portwood's hit that broke Nick Leddy's jaw earlier this year. Don Lucia may have wanted a suspension--though as it turned out, Lucia was more lenient on hits to the head when it was his own son injuring people--but the general consensus from that incident was that the hit deserved a penalty, but it wasn't malicious enough to merit a suspension, and that's probably the case here.