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Three Big WCHA Commits

Penticton Vees forward Beau Bennett has committed to Denver, according to USHR.(It's a paysite, but you figure out the gist of it from the title). I know Bennett had also strongly considered Colorado College, among a bunch of other offers, I'm sure. Bennett is a pure scorer who was one of the leaders at the 2008 Select 17 Festival, and has put up huge numbers in the BCHL this year.

NTDP defenseman and Eau Claire-native Jake McCabe committed to Wisconsin. McCabe also had some interest from Minnesota and Notre Dame earlier this year, which gives you some idea of how highly regarded he was.

Finally, St. Cloud got a commitment from Virginia HS forward Garrett Hendrickson. Hendrickson is currently a junior, and will likely join the Huskies in 2012.