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Wiercioch Out for Team Canada

Canada decided not to clear Patrick Wiercioch to try out for the World Juniors because of his knee injury that he's been playing with in recent weeks. Denver head coach George Gwozdecky wasn't pleased with the decision, and you can't blame him. It's a pretty bush league move by Hockey Canada to have Wiercioch fly up to Canada and have him miss a pretty critical game against Minnesota-Duluth, only to cut him without ever letting him step on the ice.

Meanwhile, for the Americans, tryout attendee Luke Walker returned to the ice, after getting 50 stitches and a plate in his face after getting hit with a puck. He'll still skate at the tryout camp in Grand Forks, but Walker was a longshot to make the team in the first place, and if he's hampered by serious pain that could dimish his ability to play a physical role, it could effectively kill his chances.