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Garrett Roe's Media Blackout

From the blog of St. Cloud Times beat writer Kevin Allenspach:

Down by three goals at one point in the second period, then trailing by two in the third, Garrett Roe played perhaps the central role in engineering Friday night's 4-4 tie against Colorado College. We'd love to pass on his thoughts about how the Huskies did it, how he snapped a five-game goalless streak and assisted on another goal in the comeback, and what it meant as the Huskies head toward Christmas break. Only there's one problem: Roe has vowed silence to the Times, or at least to me.

Miffed at a story reporting his one-game suspension last month, Roe has said in not so many words that he won't be available for the rest of the season. He declined an interview request Friday night when approached by a university spokesman.

Here is the article that apparently set Roe off. Allenspach sticks to the facts of the story, and I'm sure if he had wanted, he probably could have thrown some rumors or speculation out there, but didn't.

To borrow from Scrubs, Roe has played three years with the Huskies, and three years with the Indiana Ice in the USHL, so we can safely assume that he's more than six years old, and thusly, probably too old act that childish. I think this raises more questions about him than the first article did.