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Alt Wavers on Hockey

Cretin-Derham Hall defenseman Mark Alt already has a scholarship lined up to play hockey for the University of Minnesota, and could potentially be a pretty high draft pick in the NHL Draft this summer. But pulling him in another direction is the fact that his dad was an outstanding NFL football player, and he recently was named Pioneer Press football player of the year. He told the Pioneer Press that is currently leaning towards football in college rather than hockey.

From a pure pro potential standpoint, the decision seems like it should be a no-brainer. Alt already has a scholarship at a major program and a very good chance of getting drafted by an NHL team. He's really only a marginal college football prospect at best. only gives him two stars out of five, and doesn't have him in their national rankings for his position. He recently made a visit to Iowa, which went well, but he's the son of a very famous football alum, and made the trip with teammate Seantrel Henderson, the consensus number one recruit in the country, who is choosing between Iowa and a number of other national powers. He'll also visit Stanford later this year.

But at the same time, if he really wants to be sitting on the bench for some football team instead of working to become a hockey player, all the talent in the world won't be enough for him to make it to the NHL.