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Weekend Recap

What Was Good

Miami-They’ve pretty much established themselves as the best team in the country.

North Dakota-Four points on the road is four points on the road, even if it is Houghton

MichiganState-They look like they’re for real. Next weekend should be an interesting test.

FerrisState-They just keep racking up wins at home. The schedule will get tougher, but a 7-3-0 start has to give them some confidence.

Alaska-They finally broke through against Notre Dame and got a win on Saturday. They’re tied with Miami for the league lead if you measure by ‘points lost’

Alex Kangas-Played a great game in a game that Minnesota desperately needed to win.

What Wasn’t So Good

Michigan- They embarrassed by Miami at home, and then embarrassed themselves late in the game on Saturday.

Denver-It’s one thing to get rope-a-doped on Saturday up in Anchorage after a Friday win. The same thing happened to North Dakota. But the Pioneers gave up seven goals in a really bad loss. They could be in serious trouble if Marc Cheverie doesn’t return quickly.

Notre Dame-A split every weekend isn’t good enough for a team with this much talent.