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Michigan State kept rolling with a 3-0 win over UNO on Thursday night. Two more points for Corey Tropp, which puts him in the lead nationally. It's going to get awkward if he keeps putting up those numbers into the second half of the year when we start talking about the Hobey. It's like Nathan Gerbe times 10.

Minnesota's Jay Barriball will have season-ending surgery on his knee. He is eligible for a medical redshirt if he so chooses.

Wisconsin's Pat Johnson is going from the first line to being a healthy scratch.

Western Michigan's Luke Witkowski has always wanted to be a Bronco.

Minnesota-Duluth will play Brady Hjelle and Kenny Reiter this weekend against Colorado College. It's a litlte surprising because Hjelle has been great in WCHA paly this year, but Reiter has done a lot in limited playing time too.

Ohio State has struggled so far this year.

INCH profile of Denver's Rhett Rakhshani. I'll be honest; I was hoping he'd go pro last summer because I can never remember if the k or the h comes first in his last name.