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Friday Time Killers

In case you missed it last week, in order to help people kill time on Fridays, I've started creating quizzes via the website Sporcle to test people's knowledge of trivia about the WCHA and CCHA. Last week's quizzes were about leading scorers in the WCHA and in the CCHA over the past few years.

This week's challenge is all about knowing current and former head coaches:

Name Every WCHA Head Coach Since 1990 and Name Every CCHA Head Coach Since 1990.

Just to clear up a couple of things: 1. It was weird how many coaches' last year at a school was the 1989-1990 season. They're all included since technically they did coach in the 90's, and those names make these quizzes extra impossible to get 100%. 2. The school had to be in the conference while a coach was there to qualify, so if you keep typing Don Lucia's name for Alaska because he coached there in the 90's, it won't show up since Alaska didn't join the CCHA until after he left.