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Weekend Recap

What Was Good

Michigan: The Wolverines finally look like they've turned things around.

Nebraska-Omaha: After a couple shaky weekends, they picked up all 6 points against Western Michigan

Bowling Green: Their shootout victory over Notre Dame only counts as a tie officially, but it's not like the Falcons are worried about PWR points this year. Picking up the extra point may help keep them out of the cellar.

Minnesota State: It may have took some questionable officiating on Saturday, but the Mavericks came away with four points on the weekend that, at least for now, put them back in contention in the home ice race.

Sean Wiles: After a slow start, he's got 8 points in his last 6 games.

St. Cloud: Two points out of a road series against Denver is pretty solid.

Alaska-Anchorage: I'd say the strategy of getting blown out on Friday and then winning Saturday isn't a good one, but going .500 would be a banner year for the Seawolves.

Subway Holiday Classic: Sounds like there was some really good hockey played there this weekend.

What Wasn't So Good

Lake Superior: I feel for the people that sat through their 0-0 tie against Union.

Michigan State: Reality may be starting to set in for the Spartans.

Colorado College; UAA Rope-a-dope victim #4 this season.

Minnesota: Friday was their worst loss in 11 years.