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Hobey Watch

It's still a little early, but some serious candidates are starting to emerge. Here's an early top 5 list.

1. Justin Fontaine, Minnesota-Duluth

It's a really tough decision between Fontaine and teammate Jack Connolly. Overall, I still think Fontaine is a bit more dangerous, though I was more impressed with Connolly this past weekend.

2. Marc Cheverie, Denver

He's easily the most valuable player in college hockey, thanks in part to Adam Murray's disappointing implosion. He's got shutouts in half of his starts this year, which is pretty impressive.

3. Matt Read, Bemidji State

He's always been one of the best players in the CHA, but now he's emerged as one of the best player's in the country.

4. Mark Olver, Northern Michigan

He's consistently put up points on a team that hasn't been all that consistent this year.

5. David McIntyre, Colgate

Way more assists than goals, but he's putting up a lot of points. He's also one of only four seniors in the top 20 nationally in scoring.

A couple other names to watch...

Bill Sweatt, Colorado College- Big point totals so far, but 14 of his 19 points have come against Michigan Tech or Robert Morris

Blair Riley, Ferris State-Multiple goals in 4 out of his 14 games.

Jeff Petry, Michigan State-He's playing up to his abilities on a resurgent team

Brendan Smith, Wisconsin-Most talented offensive defenseman in the country.