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Weekend Recap

What Was Good

Denver-Regardless of your opinion on how they did it, they took all four points in a pretty big series against North Dakota and are starting to put themselves in the driver's seat of the WCHA.

Ferris State-14 goals this weekend in a sweep of Ohio State. You should probably feel bad about yourself for not being able to name any of their players.

Minnesota-Duluth- That's pretty gritty to dig out two wins on the road with late game-winning goals.

Northern Michigan-Six huge points at home against a team they'll be fighting with in the middle of the conference. It's still early enough in the season that if the Wildcats start playing like they're capable of, they could be a contender at the end of the year.

What Wasn't So Good

Michigan-Sum it up for me, Texts From Last Night: "just saw someone puke all over a michigan fan. he didn't even flinch" That's a pretty good metaphor for what it's feels like to be a Michigan fan these days, albeit probably a little too direct a metaphor in that case.

Miami-Am I the only one annoyed by all of these shootouts? I haven't even watched any of them and they still bug me.

Minnesota State-The third WCHA team this year to get rope-a-doped into a Saturday night loss to a thoroughly awful Anchorage team.

Minnesota: Being close probably isn't good enough. Home ice in the playoffs is looking like a huge stretch for them right now.