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Weekend Recap

What Was Good

Michigan State: Western Michigan's record may have been inflated by some non-conference cupcakes, but Michigan State keeps winning and looking like they'll be very competitive this year.

Wisconsin: After a rocky start to their season, they just rolled over a decent east coast team in New Hampshire.

Michigan: They should beat Lake Superior, but six points on the road is impressive nonetheless.

Michigan Tech: They hadn't beaten St. Cloud in a very long time.

Alaska: It looks like they're going to compete for a top 4 spot in the CCHA again. Dallas Ferguson has turned them into an incredibly tough team.

Denver: They lost their star goalie in a tie game in the third period, and rallied to get a 4-3 win. They took away three points against a pesky team.

Miami: Like Michigan, six points on the road is impressive, even if Northern Michigan early in the year tends to be low-hanging fruit.

Minnesota: Goals! We're all so proud of you. This thought occurred to me Saturday night: Do you think Don Lucia and Pete Carroll ever get on the phone to chat about how to squander unlimited amounts of high-end draft talent?

Rob Bordson: He kind of gets lost behind Fontaine, Connolly, and Connolly, but he's in the midst of a huge breakout season.

Andrew Hammond: We wouldn't be talking about The Ineligible Shooter if he hadn't stood on his head to lead Bowling Green to that tie.

What Wasn't So Good

Injuries: Marc Cheverie and Nick Leddy both went down with significant injuries, which isn't cool to see.

CCHA Officials: That's the type of stuff you'd expect out of the people on Greg Shepherd's Family and Friends cell phone plan.

Alaska-Anchorage: All the hype before the season was about how much bigger they were this year, but also that they were still great skaters. Yeah, they're the biggest, fastest team to be -12 in goal differential after four games ever.

Notre Dame: They've got a great team, but they can't seem to play like it twice in a week.