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Friday Time Killer

Sorry for no quiz last week. A shoddy internet connection made making it too much of a pain. This week, I just made a WCHA quiz since the CCHA quizzes didn't draw much interest.

This week's quiz is a fairly tough one, I think. I had already made the league's leading scorers for the past few years, but nobody from Alaska-Anchorage made that quiz. So this time around, the quiz is name every WCHA player that led his team in scoring for the past 10 years. It's pretty tough coming up with some of those old names. I think if you get more than half of the names on there, you're doing pretty well. Also, I didn't list how many points that player had, so as not to embarrass the guy from Alaska who led his team with 15 points, or the guy from Duluth who led his team with 17 points.

As usual, spelling counts and all you need is a last name. If two guys tied for the team lead in scoring, you just have to name one of the two.