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Interesting Signings from the Gophers

It's a weird dynamic for the University of Minnesota hockey team these days. Some of their players can't wait to leave the program, while some apparently can't wait to get there.

Minnesota has signed five players, with plans to sign one more, including two players who are graduating high school early to likely play for the Gophers next season. 1993-born Seth Ambroz has already signed his letter of intent, while Nick Bjugstad will sign with the Gophers once he gets far enough in his schooling to be classified as a senior.

Somewhat ironically, it's probably Bjugstad, who is technically old enough to be a high school senior this year, who might be less ready for college next year, coming straight from Blaine High School.. Ambroz, who won't turn 18 until two weeks after Minnesota is bounced from the WCHA playoffs next year, is a solid 6'3" 205 lbs. and will have two years of experience in the USHL under his belt.