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That Other WCHA Officiating Controversy

This kind of got buried thanks to the bigger WCHA officiating officiating fiasco on Friday, but is worth mentioning nonetheless.

Colorado College beat Minnesota State 1-0 in overtime on Friday night, with a powerplay goal in overtime. Minnesota State head coach Troy Jutting obviously wasn't willing(or able) to say much about the end of the game, but you can read between the lines of Scott Owens' post-game quote: "(Howe) played great, and we got a little lucky," Tigers coach Scott Owens said. "He allowed us to hang around and win a game on a night when we probably should have tied."

How did the Tigers get lucky on a night they probably should have tied? The crew at Bethany Lutheran College who broadcasted the game did a good job of posting the play in question for all to see.

You can definitely see where maybe Canzanello holds on a little too long and by the book, it might be a penalty. That said, there is a minute left in an overtime game, the infraction didn't negate a scoring chance, and there had been a fairly strong precedent set by the officials by not calling a single penalty--other than one set of coincidental minors--in the previous 22 minutes of play, including looking the other way on numerous similar "well, maybe technically by the book" infractions.