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NHL Central Scouting NCAA List

NHL Central Scouting also released their preliminary list for NCAA prospects. This one is a little less exciting since most of the players have been passed once or twice in the draft already, but this year, there are a couple prospects eligible for the first time that are worth watching.

Three players received an "A" rating: Notre Dame's Riley Sheahan, Minnesota State's Tyler Pitlick, and Harvard's Danny Biega. Sheahan has played exceptionally well this year, even as Notre Dame has struggled. He'll probably be a first round draft pick. Pitlick has played pretty well as well, and is probably in the vicinity of a third round pick, give or take a round or two. I have no idea where Biega fits in.

There's a lot of 'C' players for both the WCHA and CCHA. UMD's Brady Hjelle and CC's Joe Howe are also 'B' goaltenders. The odds of most of those players getting drafted are very slim, but I don't think it's a terrible strategy to use a very late round pick on an older college player that has proven they can at least play at the NCAA level.