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The early signing period begins in college hockey today, though nobody really cares since there's not much drama involved, unless you're one of the 15 recruits hoping to win the Mike Eaves Lottery and get mailed a letter of intent to sign. That said, I'll try to round up some official comments from coaches via press release next week after the signing period ends.

There's been some complaint that Alaska hasn't played on the road yet, but the Nanook Hockey Blog points out that their trip to Anchorage is more travel than your average CCHA road trip.

MGoBlog discusses Michigan's C-Ya chant, and links to a tale of a brave political prisoner who just wanted to dress up like a chicken and cheer through a megaphone, but was tossed out of Yost. I like to imagine he went out for a beer with the MaizeRage Easter Bunny after all of this.

Speaking of MGoBlog, there's no This Week in Schadenfreude for college hockey, but if there was, Minnesota would be this week's hands-down winner. Actually, they've pretty much been the winner ever since they lost to Holy Cross. But anyway, their latest meltdown about Sam Lofquist leaving is kind of amusing if you're into that sort of thing. Also, it can't say much for Jake Hansen's future at the U when his name was brought up about a half dozen times in the "Guess Who's Quitting Now" sweepstakes.

I thought this picture from the Hockey Hall of Fame inductions was kind of funny.

Michigan State is preparing to head to Ann Arbor.

Local profile of Ferris State's Chad Billins.