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Bauer NIT: The Players

Here are the individual player write-ups from the Bauer NIT last weekend. I just kind of threw this together so it's in no particular order. There were a couple kids that I talked about last week and didn't really have much new to add, so I didn't include them here.

You can read my thoughts after the jump.

Jason Clark-Meh. I know a lot of scouts really love this kid, but he didn't do much of anything for me other than try to goon things up after the whistle a lot. His line seemed the least productive of Shattuck's lines despite having the most talent.

Joe Basaraba-He was on the top line with Clark too and didn't get much going. He at least made a few things happen with his size and strength. You feel sorry for anyone that he hits. He also has an incredible shot, but didn't get to use it that many times.

Andrew Prochno-He didn't do much on Saturday, much like everyone else on his team, but he played very well on Sunday, including an end-to-end rush that split two D for a goal. I left him off the draft prospects list after last week's tournament even though he was rated a ‘B' prospect by the CSB and is one of the guys getting watched. I'd still lean towards saying he'll be an excellent college player, but not much of a pro prospect, but I could see him getting drafted. It's a deep year, and there's going to be a lot of players that could get picked in the later rounds of the draft.

Cal Decowski-Easily MN White's top player. He's small, but so quick, and has great hands. Excellent player.

Jacob Meyers-He was absolutely outstanding this weekend. He's not a very big guy, which probably hurts his NHL Draft chances, but he's so quick and has a great glove. There were a ton of good goalies around his age in the Twin Cities and he's definitely separated himself as the best.

Zane Gothberg-Never really tested that much because he had a ridiculous defense in front of him. Pretty much all of the shots he faced were from the perimeter, which he handled very well. He looked really good, but he's probably the one kid that will be better to judge during the high school season when he gets 40-50 shots a game for TRF.

Justin Holl-He ended the weekend with an OT goal, but prior to that, he was pretty much a non-factor. The speed of play went up this weekend and he seemed kind of lost. He's still very much a project, and hopefully he develops with some time in the USHL.

Brock Nelson-You really have to watch him when he doesn't have the puck to appreciate what he does offensively. He does an amazing job of sliding into the perfect scoring spot right as the puck gets there. He was paired with Adam Knochenmus again and Knochenmus is great at being the first guy into the corner to dig out the puck, and Nelson just had to slide into position and finish off plays.

Adam Knochenmus-One of my favorite players to watch. He's the smallest guy out there but absolutely fearless going into the corners. He makes a lot of things happen.

Max Gaede- A really solid weekend with a couple goals and assists. He scored a beautiful goal on Saturday where he, along with linemates Brandon Wahlin and Garrett Hendrickson cycled the puck in the left corner for about a minute straight before he popped in front of the net for a goal. I think he's really helped his chances of getting drafted with his play in the Elite League.

Max Gardiner-He helped get a little offense going in White's third period comeback on Sunday, but otherwise wasn't that noticeable.

Justin Lutsch-He never stood out to me last year, but now he definitely looks like a potential draft pick.

Christian Isackson-He never got big enough or fast enough to be the top-notch prospect some people thought he might be a couple years ago, but he's fantastic once he gets the puck. He played really well this past weekend. He played on a line with Adam Krause and Shane Omdahl and they were really strong all weekend.

Adam Krause-Not a flashy player, but good things are always happening when he's on the ice. He'll be on the NHL Draft radar this year.

Willie Corrin-I hadn't mentioned him after the Elite League playoffs, but he's a solid player.

Jimmy Mullin-Not really what I could call fast, but he's very quick and shifty with the puck. He can stickhandle around people in tight spaces.

Brad Robbins-Hard-working, speedy forward that runs the point on Shattuck's powerplay.

Pierre Leblanc-Culver-I would have guessed he was stronger than the 155 lbs. he's listed at. Chipped in a couple of goals with some nice offensive play. Also, he is the only person from the state of the Kentucky to be named Pierre.

Max McCormick-Not the greatest skater, but he's smart, works hard, and usually does something good when he gets the puck. He reminds me of Matt Paape who played for Team Wisconsin last year and is now having a great year in the USHL.

Joey Fiala-A young kid with pretty good size and a good amount of potential.

Patrick Brown-Michigan-Top forward for the Michigan team. He's a big kid that isn't a great skater, but a very smart hockey player, with an excellent shot.

Kevin Killian-Michigan-Top defenseman on the team. He'll have a future playing Jr. A somewhere next season.

Alan Gaglio-Michigan-Goalie. Made two absolutely ridiculous breakaway saves on Sunday.

Seth Jones-Dallas-Drew a lot of attention because he's one of the top '94 birthdates in the country. He's already 6'4" 187 lbs, and because his dad was a center in the NBA, he's expected to get bigger. He's a little rough around the edges, but he should develop into a great player some day.

Ross Mancusso and Greg Johnson-Dallas-Top two defensemen for Dallas. Both were really big and moved pretty well.