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Controversy in CCHA; BG Uses Ineligible Player in Shootout

Bowling Green got a shootout 4-3 victory over Nebraska-Omaha last night, but that decision is under review by the league after it was determined that Bowling Green used an ineligible player in the shootout.

Bowling Green's Jordan Sameuls-Thomas scored a goal in the shootout, but shouldn't have been allowed to shoot in the first place, because he was still serving a penalty when time expired in OT. According to NCAA rules, a player serving a penalty when OT ends is ineligible to participate in the shootout.

After a lengthy review, the officials in the game decided to call the game a 3-3 tie and make a final decision on what to do sometime today. Nebraska-Omaha has suggested the shootout be redone prior to the start of tonight's game.

Update: Bowling Green gets the win. I guess that makes sense. It was the referee's mistake for letting Samuels-Thomas shoot. It's really no different than an official blowing a call at any other juncture of the game.