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Last Second Linkorama

Wisconsin wants to end the College Hockey Showcase by adding Ohio State to the mix and cramming this possible Big Ten Hockey Conference down our throats. Can't we all just be happy with the TV deals God gave us? They also want to schedule more cupcakes to help satisfy the NCAA's poorly thought-out math.

Minnesota State has been pretty terrible on NHL-sized ice.

Ryan Lasch has a shot at breaking Jeff Saterdalen's school-scoring record. Saterdalen thinks he'll do it. I'm more skeptical. Andreas Nodl is not walking through that door.

Clarkson makes their first trip back to Duluth in 25 years.

Ohio State travels to Notre Dame this weekend.

Former CCHA president Dean Davenport is going into the Ferris State Hall of Fame. looks at new coaches Dean Blais and Dennis Williams. An article from the NHL with the heading 'Blais Back Where He Belongs' just kind of seems like taunting.