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Justin Fontaine changes his name to Connolly. OK, maybe not, but at least they're all on the same line now. The Three Connolly's does have nice ring to it. One scores goals, one sets up goals, and one is lucky he plays a league where charging penalties don't exist.

Half of Miami's games have gone into overtime this year.

FanHouse's weekly NCAA player feature keys in on Marc Cheverie.

North Dakota's Brett Hextall talked about how immature UND was in their loss to Alaska-Anchorage, while wearing one of his many oddly-colored pairs of pants.

Trevor Elias is off to a good start with Western Michigan. Who would have guessed this weekend's series between Western and Michigan State would be such a big one? You can see Friday's game on the NHL Network

Michigan Tech's Anthony Schooley is finally a freshman. Schooley has got to be up there for longest time between committing to a college and actually playing for them.

Of the five Minnesota Division I teams(we're still counting Minnesota as D-I, right?), Bemidji State is the only one ranked in the top 15 of the USA Today poll.

One of the sad things about UNO moving to the WCHA next year is that they'll probably lose their rivalry with Bowling Green, which has got to be one of the stranger college hockey rivalries.

10-year-old Austin McCarthy of Ludington, Michigan was named Sportskid of the Year by Sports Illustrated Kids, who as far as I can tell, are the only people in the world who think 'sportskid' is a word. Here's a video of him on CBS' The Early Show. If you make it through the video without wanting to punch the bald guy, get your hearing checked. Hopefully this kid doesn't get Calabrese'd(The article has since disappeared, but Sports Illustrated once wrote an article about 13-year-old Calabrese comparing him to Bobby Orr, which obviously, didn't happen).