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Colorado College's Andreas Vlassopoulos will have season-ending surgery on a troublesome knee that has plagued him throughout his college career. When healthy and in the lineup, Vlassopoulos could be a pretty dangerous playmaker.

The Tigers took another blow as freshman goalie Hudson Stremmel left the team and is rumored to be headed to the WHL. Stremmel had kind of become the odd man out in CC's goaltending competition, but it still seems awfully early to make this decision. The good news for Colorado College is that their other freshman, Joe Howe, looks like he's good enough to carry the team.

The Michigan Daily took a closer look at the camraderie among Michigan's defensemen.

Nebraska-Omaha goalie Jon Faulkner overcame some long odds to make it to Division I hockey.

Minnesota State's Brett Peterson got into his first career game on Saturday after two years on the sidelines and promptly got injured in the second period. Meanwhile for Minnesota State, senior Geoff Irwin will miss next weekend's Denver series, but with a bye the following week, could only miss two games after taking a pretty devastating check from behind on Saturday, which is a minor miracle considering the hit he took.