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Weekend Recap

What Was Good

Denver- They've clearly got the defensive issues figured out. Marc Cheverie now has three shutouts in four starts.

Western Michigan- Numero Dos in the Pairwise. Not a bad start to their season.

Dan Dunn- Pretty much everyone wrote off Dunn with freshman Mike Lee coming in this year--Dunn himself wasn't sure if he was returning to St. Cloud until Jase Weslosky failed out of school. But Dunn put together a very solid performance to lead St. Cloud to an important win on Saturday night against Minnesota-Duluth, and became the first goalie this year to keep Justin Fontaine off the scoresheet.

Ferris State-They only beat Robert Morris, but ask Alaska-Anchorage about the alternative.

Colorado College-A home sweep over Michigan Tech almost has to be a given, but given what they've lost, and where they were picked, it's pretty impressive that they're on top of the WCHA standings, even if it's only after four games.

Michigan State-They lost a point late Friday night, and almost lost a couple late Saturday night, but ended the weekend with a split at Miami, which is a great result for them.

Little Falls, Minnesota-Jared Festler and Ben Hanowski scored 4 of St. Cloud's 7 goals this weekend.

James Gaulrapp-Started the weekend as Minnesota State's 14th forward, and through a strange set of circumstances, ended the weekend with a game-winning assist on the powerplay.

Gas stations offering 99 cent gourmet coffee-If communism were still a threat, this would have been the decisive blow for capitalism.

What Wasn't So Good

Minnesota-Friday night the Gophers skated 16 NHL draft picks. Saturday night they skated 17 NHL draft picks. And they weren't able to put the puck in the net in either game.

Northern Michigan-Bemidji State looks impressive this year, but they probably shouldn't be beating Northern 5-0 in Marquette. The Wildcats can't afford to take their slow start into league play.

Minnesota State's offense-The veteran-laden group was supposed to carry a team with questionable defense, but so far they've scored a total of 7 goals through 4 conference games.

Michigan-They were able to survive a lackluster final 50 minutes of the game against Niagara. They weren't able to survive a lackluster first 50 minutes against BU. They've had kind of an odd schedule, but they're playing way below their talent right now.

Craig Smith-Runaway leader for dirtiest hit of the year.

Bowling Green-The feel-good story is over. Now it's time to settle in for a looooooong year.

Notre Dame-Won the football game, lost the hockey game, which is entirely in the wrong order.