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Weekend Recap

What Was Good

Colorado College: Everyone had written this team off for dead before the season started, but they want on the road to a very difficult venue and took three points from what should be one of the top teams in the conference.

Justin Fontaine, Jack Connolly, and Mike Connolly: Duluth's depth is still pretty suspect, but these three combined for every goal this weekend for the Bulldogs. Fontaine and Jack Connolly are the only two players in the country with 9 points that have never slashed an unconscious player in the neck, which probably makes them early Hobey front-runners.

Miami: They started the season with two tough non-conference series against St. Cloud and at New Hampshire and they came out of it 3-0-1. That's about as good of a start as you can hope for.

Michigan State's offense: They lost on Saturday to a questionable Maine team, but they still managed 8 goals on the weekend and a road split. Clarkson and Maine may not be great teams, but certainly no worse than teams 9-12 in the CCHA will be, so this year looks a litlte more promising for MSU.

Nebraska-Omaha: They earned a win and a tie in front of Colgate's 700 closest family and friends this weekend.

Western Michigan: You can't pass up the rare opportunity to write about a WMU weekend sweep.

Lake Superior: You can't pass up the rare opportunity to write about a Lake Superior weekend sweep.

Ferris State: Beat Connecticut twice. That would have been far more notable if they were playing basketball.

What Wasn't So Good

Denver: A road split at a CCHA school isn't awful, except that Quinnipiac pulled off a sweep there the week prior. Also Joe Colborne may be out for a while with a broken finger.

Notre Dame: They took their second loss of the season last Thursday night to Providence, prompting a player's only meeting before rebounding with a win the following evening. Mike Johnson got the shutout win on Friday, which could shake up Notre Dame's goaltending situation a little bit.

Minnesota: Their final tally on Friday night came out to: zero goals, zero effort, and one felony from a fan.

St. Cloud: Another mystifying lack of effort led to a tie against Union on Friday night.