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Kenny Ryan Leaves BC

Boston College freshman Kenny Ryan has left Boston College to play for the Windsor Spitfires, after just six weeks of school and two exhibition games.

Friday's aren't intentionally CHL snark days, but they seem to have become that way. Anyway, in honor of Ryan backing out on his team, I figured I'd highlight some of the other players who left BC for the CHL in order to jumpstart their pro hockey career:

Todd Perry: Played three games for BC before signing with Barrie of the OHL. He's a career minor-leaguer.

Adam Pineault: A second round pick just like Kenny Ryan. He played three games in the NHL for Columbus once, but this year, had to earn an AHL contract in the preseason.

Ryan Hayes: He made it a whole 6 games with Boston College before leaving for the Plymouth Whalers, where he's decent, but the pro prospects for a 5'9" player that can't skate don't look great.

So there you go, three players with three NHL games and 0 NHL goals between them. Turning down that free education doesn't seem so bright now. Who knows, Kenny Ryan may turn out to be a great player in the NHL(Hey, everyone in the NHL could magically turn 15 years old, and then Ryan would be really good again). But if he does, it won't be because he bailed on Boston College.