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USA Today poll. Miami retains the number one ranking, though it seems a little more legitimate this week with their sweep over a decent team, and Notre Dame and Denver both losing.

The country's leading scorers as of right now play for Bemidji State and Michigan Tech. You may want to get a picture.

INCH power rankings. Lots of fun facts in there.

Minnesota State's rookie goaltenders looked pretty good when they didn't have to do much, which I guess is a good place to start. Also, they hadn't had a goalie win his first start since Kyle Nixon in 2002? That's shocking both in that it was so long ago, and in that Kyle Nixon won a game.

Minnesota-Duluth's goaltending situation looks like it might not be all Brady Hjelle all the time, as Kenny Reiter started on Sunday against Northern Michigan, though his team was sluggish in front of him and he didn't pick up the win.

Things are pretty shiny happy fun in Fairbanks after last weekend.

Denver's young defensemen really struggled last weekend, to the chagrin of George Gwozdecky.

All the teams in Michigan played a lot last weekend. Go to Michigan College Hockey to read about the games.

North Dakota goals and shot chart from Saturday night.