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Week in Review

It was a pretty busy week here. Here's a recap of what went down in case you missed it:

Everyone though the punishment for Andrew Conboy and Corey Tropp should be harsh and it was so they left Michigan State.

Denver coach George Gwozdecky wasn't suspended for walking across the ice in North Dakota, and then he was.

USA Hockey got a bunch of money from the NHL."A hockey organization with money is a lot like a mule with a spinning wheel. Nobody knows how they got it, and danged if they know how to use it."

And with the CHA dying, Niagara and Robert Morris landed in Atlantic Hockey while Alabama-Hunstville wants to play in the CCHA or WCHA.

That'll about do it for the week here. Remember, if you've got an interesting link or video clip, or quote, you're welcome to share them on the FanShots. If you want to write something about a game you went to, or watched on TV, or just have an opinion you want to share, you can write a FanPost.

Enjoy the weekend. Hopefully nobody gets sucker-punched from behind, and everybody on the ice has a jersey and skates.