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Playoff Probabilities

(Hat tip to The DECC is Stacked for finding this link)

The website cruches a lot of numbers in a lot of different sports trying to figure out which teams will finish where in their respective playoff races, and college hockey is one of the sports they focus on.

Their table for the WCHA empirically proves what pretty much everyone else knew, which is that aside from Michigan Tech finishing in last place(a 98% likelihood), everything is pretty much up for grabs. Despite being in 4th place right now, Minnesota is mathematically the most likely to finish first in the conference. Though I do like North Dakota's chances as well, and this formula would seem to take into account their weak start to the season.

The home ice playoff race also looks like a potentially interesting battle between Colorado College, St. Cloud and Minnesota-Duluth. CC is 36% likely to finish in the top five, UMD is 56%, and St. Cloud roughly 45%.

In the CCHA Notre Dame is almost guaranteed to take home the regular season title. Again, I think the numbers are a little misleading when it comes to the fourth and final first round bye in the CCHA playoffs. Alaska is technically more likely to finish there than Ohio State, but I don't think that takes into account how different the Ohio State team now from the team that started the season.