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Conboy Leaves; Tropp Still Deciding

I just received word that at his press conference today, Rick Comley told media that Andrew Conboy has left the program, left the school and will begin his professional hockey career. He was a draft pick on the Montreal Canadiens, so it's likely he will sign with them.

Corey Tropp has gone home, but is remaining in school and has yet to decide if he will remain with the program.

It's not surprising that this is how it has played out. Conboy, like his older brother Tim, was a poor fit for college hockey, left in disgrace, and is now somebody else's problem. Rick Comley may have tried to play off Conboy's actions as a split-second heat-of-the moment decision, but he also admitted on Saturday night that he knew Conboy was going to do something but that he couldn't jump over the boards and grab him(George Gwozdecky begs to differ). Clearly Conboy has issues with his emotions clouding his judgement, forcing him to make many poor heat-of-the-moment decisions. Maybe a game filled with those types of decisions isn't the best place for him.

Tropp is a little different in that this is an isolated incident, albeit a really bad one. A change of scenery may be in order to try and put all of this behind him. Just like Steve Kampfer was lucky to escape this incident without serious consequences to his hockey career, Tropp is lucky to escape this without too much lasting damage. Hopefully this is a hard-learned lesson and he can go on to make people forget about his one terrible lapse of judgement.