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Best Available Free Agents

The feeding frenzy of collegiate free agents by NHL teams has cooled off a little bit after the insanity of the post-Lockout collective bargaining agreement, but that doesn't mean NHL teams aren't watching college hockey very closely, looking for players to add to their team.

Denver's Tyler Bozak and Boston University's Matt Gilroy have gotten the most publicity but there are a number of other players that could sign pro contracts over the summer. Here's a look at some of the best available non-drafted free agents.

Christian Hanson-Forward-Notre Dame

There was some worry that Hanson might sign a pro contract last summer, but sticking around for his senior season proved to be a wise choice. Hanson is the leader and leading scorer of the country's best college hockey team and has the size to become a decent power forward at the NHL level.

Tommy Grant-Forward-Alaska-Anchorage

Grant would possibly be receiving the same level of attention as Bozak if he played on a better team. He skates well and has NHL size. He's very instinctive and can put the puck in the net when he gets the opportunity. He could be a real steal for some team this summer.

Carter Camper-Forward-Miami

Camper went from one of the best hotshot prospects in the US at a young age to completely off the radar simply because he stopped growing. But at some point, you have to take a look at the type of numbers he is putting up at such a high level and take the chance that he can do the same at the next level.

Zach Redmond-Defenseman-Ferris State

Like Grant, he doesn't get a lot of attention because of the team he plays on, but is highly respected by those that have seen him play. He's proven himself as an offensive threat in his first two years in college and is a good defender. (EDIT: The Atlanta Thrashers already own Redmond's rights. Who knew?)

Justin Fontaine-Forward-Minnesota-Duluth

Fontaine had an average freshman campaign on a weak team, but he's a creative offensive player and now that he's surrounded by some other creative offensive players this year, he has taken off to become one of the best in college hockey. Once he adds a little more strength, he'll be a nice looking prospect.

Trevor Bruess-Forward-Minnesota State

Like the rest of his team, Bruess hasn't been able to recapture the magic he had last season, when he drew interest from NHL scouts, but he's a tireless worker and plays with a lot of edge.

Eddie Del Grosso-Defenseman-Nebraksa-Omaha

Del Grosso is a strong defenseman that anchors UNO's powerplay and leads his team in scoring. The most obvious comparison would be a more offensive-minded, less physical version of former UNO defenseman and NHLer Greg Zanon.