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Gwoz Avoids League Suspension

The WCHA announced today that they would be taking no further action against Denver George Gwozdecky after his walk on the wild side on Saturday night in Grand Forks.

Denver released a statement earlier today saying that they talked to Gwozdecky, who realized his behaviour was unacceptable, and the WCHA said "the serious tone" taken by DU was good enough for them.

Frankly, I'm a little surprised at the decision. While I thought the decision to toss Gwozdecky was a pretty weak one, I would have thought the bizarre walk across the ice would have gotten him suspended for a game or two. The fact that he got off so lightly seems like the league's admission that it was probably their official that was out of line.

My favorite part of this whole thing--ok, second favorite behind Jon Campion dragging Andy Carton away from Gwozdecky--is seeing North Dakota fans whining about somebody just getting a stern talking to instead of a suspension, after the way the multiple arrests of their players have been handled over the past few years.