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Kampfer Released From Hospital

Michigan defenseman Steve Kampfer is out of the hospital after getting mugged last night against Michigan State.

Kampfer was taken to the hospital mostly as a precaution and he said he didn't have a relapse from his previuos head and neck injuries, which shoots some holes in the theories of certain Michigan State fans who chose to blame Kampfer and Red Berenson for having Kampfer return to hockey so soon. What Conboy and Tropp's actions have to do with the game of hockey, I'll never know.

It will be interesting to see how severe the punishment of Conboy and Tropp is. Rick Comley told Red Berenson that "he'd deal with" but clearly he's proven himself incapable of controlling Conboy so far. I'd rather see the league make the call on punishment rather than MSU, just because there's a potential conflict of interest due to MSU also having some injury issues right now. Missing the rest of the season may not be too severe a punishment for both.