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UNO's Mike Phillippi missed the first half of the season due to academic ineligibility, and was going to skip the second half and take a redshirt year, but coach Mike Kemp decided to let Phillippi play in the second half. That gives UNO a little more blueline depth after losing Alain Goulet over the break. Also, UNO freshman forward Jake Skjodt is out with mono. Luckily for UNO, he was most contagious while at home over break.

Meanwhile, UNO has been traveling quite a bit lately.

Michigan Tech has won 3 out of their last 4 games, despite only scoring 5 goals over that four-game stretch.

Matt Overman is out this weekend for Colorado College.

Eden Prairie's Nick Leddy is drawing praise as a potential first or second round NHL draft pick.

The WCHA only went 11-10-4 over the holiday break, which should have some pretty dire PWR consequences.

A feature on BG's Kyle Page.

Alaska will try to prove themselves this weekend when they face No. 1 Notre Dame. The match-up features the league's two top goalies.