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WCH Weekend Preview

Somebody actually requested this, and nobody feels like working on a Friday anyway, so it's time for the return for the WCH guide to culture and fluff.

Canadian Music Act of the Week: Tegan and Sara. Tegan and Sara are the leaders, and probably pioneers, of the creepy-looking-twin-indie-pop-duet genre. They're perhaps best known for their semi-hit song Walking with a Ghost . That song proves the theory that if you write a kickass hook to a song, you don't really need to bother with stuff like other lyrics.

Hockey Quote of the Week: I've spent all week trying to figure out the physics behind Kurt Davis' backhanded slap shot. According Shane Frederick, Minnesota State head coach Troy Jutting said it required "enough skill, enough oomph and a little luck." I think my problem was that I have none of things.

Food of the Week: Taco John's Grilled Chicken Burrito. "This burrito is pretty good now that you've injected a bucket of liquid cheese into it, but is there any way we could get something fried in here too? Tater tots, you say? Brilliant!"

Blog Post of the Week: RWD says Goodbye to Bruce Ciskie.

Awful Commercial of the Week: Luvs Diapers. I'm sure this exactly what the Youngbloods had in mind when they wrote this song.

Song from the 90's that is better than anything by the effin' Jonas Brothers: Self Esteem by The Offspring. Did you know that 2009 marks the band's 25-year anniversary? Smash is the best selling independently-produce record of all-time, and one of the most solid front-to-back records ever.

Western Michigan's loss this week will be reminiscent of... The Battle of Bladensburg

Viral Video of the Week: Bubb Rubb. What can I say? I'm a sucker for the classics.

Random Wikipedia Entry: Flannery O'Connor

TV Dialogue of the Week: This week in video form.

Rule Number 2 in the Blogger Code of Ethics--Right after Rule Number 1: "Make stuff up"--says I'm required to make some sort of predictions on the scores of games, even though the score, in large part, is often related to random, and thus unpredictable events. Making these futile projections will be one character from the The Simpsons making a pick for Friday and one villain from The Venture Brothers making a pick for Saturday.

Lee Carvallo: Denver 2 Michigan Tech 1

The Intangible Fancy: Nebraska-Omaha 3 Alaska 0