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It's important because I wrote it. I wrote a diary post over on MGoBlog talking about Michigan's hockey recruits.

I forgot to mention this last weekend, but Bowling Green defenseman Tim Maxwell left the team for "academic reasons". Maxwell's departure opens up more ice time for freshman Nick Bailen, who I think is a seriously underrated player.

Nine other goalies may have a better goals against average than Shane Connelly in WCHA conference play this year, but I'm willing to bet that none of those nine share a Christmas tree with Baby Mangino

Michigan Tech forward Mikael Lickteig is is done for the year with a knee injury. For some reason, I think of Lisa Simpson faking food poisoning to leave Martin Prince's birthday party. Seriously though, Tech has really been hit hard by injuries this year, and you know it's bad when a guy that doesn't even play goes down with a season-ending injury.

The most annoying thing in the wake of USA Hockey's announcement of their world junior is that we have to hear about how there's an OMG CONSPIRACY about every CHL that didn't make the team--despite the fact that 8 other CHL players apparently weren't part of that conspiracy.

Regan Bartel is mad that Colin Long didn't make the team. He asks, "
# If Long was on a level footing with a U.S college player on the depth chart, would that U.S college player have received the nod over the renegade that fled to Canada to chase his hockey dream? " I'd say Long is roughly on level footing with a Garrett Roe or Carter Camper, neither of whom made the US team last year. The US should get more than enough scoring from their top two lines. They needed a solid collection of guys for the lower two lines.

As far as my complaint earlier today on the exclusion of Jeremy Morin and Cam Fowler, I'll backtrack a little on Fowler. The US has a pretty loaded defensive corps--the other bitch du jour was about John Carlson not making the team on D--and this afternoon, I had a nightmare flashback to that horrible defense that played in the Grand Forks World Juniors a few years back, and decided that going with more maturity isn't the worst thing. I still can't think of a great reason for leaving Morin off the team.