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As a reminder to anyone in Minnesota(or elsewhere), you can still sign up for the Anthony Ford Pond Hockey Tournament.

Bruce Ciskie will be moving on after many years working in radio in Duluth, and calling play-by-play for UMD for the past few years. You can still read his work over at Fanhouse, including this week's feature on Rhett Rakhshani.

USA Hockey signed a big TV deal with the NHL Network.

USA Hockey will also announce their World Junior team tomorrow. Thomas McCollum and Josh Unice will be in goal for the US.

Denver's Marc Cheverie is playing well.

FollowThePuck has their Three Stars for the first week of the high school season.

Russian prosecutors have placed the blame for Alexei Cherepanov's untimely death on the arena manager and the head of the club hosting the game for failing to coordinate proper emergency medical services before the game.