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Bozak Out; Kampfer In

Denver's Tyler Bozak will miss some time after undergoing knee surgery. Bozak has been the recipient of a ton of hype recently after TSN's Darren Dreger did a story on Bozak, and BU defenseman Matt Gilroy as the top collegiate free agent prospects. Some of it is a little over done because even though those guys are solid players, I don't know that either is going to significantly change the fortunes of whichever teams land them, at least right away, but it is good to see people start recognizing college players as top pro prospects.

Also, Michigan defenseman Steve Kampfer will return to play in the Great Lakes Invitational. A little over two months ago, Kampfer was in the hospital and in critical condition with a pretty serious head injury. It's pretty remarkable that he'll be back and playing so soon.