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Tech's Gwilliam Hospitalized

There was a bit of scary situation in Minnesota on Sunday. Michigan Tech's Malcolm Gwilliam had to be taken to the hospital shortly before the game.

From the article:
"The latest blow to Tech is the loss of first line senior wing Malcolm Gwilliam. He was hospitalized before Sunday’s game with an undisclosed medical condition not related to hockey.

Russell called it serious but said he could not say anymore. The team’s sports information director said it was not life-threatening but Gwilliam remained behind in a hospital while his teammates returned to Hougton, Mich."
Rumors seem to indicate that Gwilliam was feeling some numbness in his face, related to some kind of clot or blockage in his leg. On his radio show tonight, Russell said Gwilliam is still hospitalized in Minnesota. Russell also gave high compliments to the training staff at Minnesota for how they handled the situation.