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NCAA Preliminary Draft Rankings

NHL Central Scouting released their preliminary NCAA rankings. Kind of like the junior list, they seem to have erred on the side of adding everybody to the list. Most of the guys on here are like the Ghosts of Central Scouting Past and won't get drafted.

A few thoughts...

If I were picking out of the WCHA, the guys I would take a look at would be: Jordan Schroeder(obvs.), Mike Connolly, and Jared Festler.

Wouldn't a guy who hasn't played in a game yet qualify for Limited Viewing?

I'm kind of surprised that Calvin de Haan is 5th on the OHL list. I know he's had a great start to the season, but he was at Fargo's camp last spring, and didn't really seem to do a lot.

The WHL group looks pretty deep, though I still would have thought Collin Bowman would be a little higher.