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Minnesota vs. Minnesota State: Game Thread

1st Period is underway

Good action so far. Except we've got a malfunctioning clock that stopped things for a minute. Minnesota State has a pretty good crowd presence here. It's not a huge home ice advantage, but they've at least got a small one.

End of 1st Period, 0-0 tie

A very even period. Minnesota State's powerplay looked much better than it did last night, even though it didn't translate into a goal. Minnesota had some decent chances too. Jordan Schroeder had the period's best chance, but missed scoring his first goal when he shot the puck wide. Minnesota State had some good opportunities, but nothing that materialized into a good chance.

All eyes are the officiating after last night's game, but overall it was pretty good. They called two hooks behind the play that probably wouldn't have been called last year, which is good, and they didn't make any head-scratchers like last night.

One officiating oddity, though. The referees are serious about not letting teams change after an icing. On one play, MSU shot the puck down the ice slowly and was trying to change. Referee Jon Campion blew the whistle about 10 feet before the puck crossed the end line to keep MSU's players from hoping onto the bench. Apparently the linesmen were surprised too, since they talked with Campion for a couple minutes after that call.

2nd Period underway

Goal MSU-Goal: Mike Louwerse Assists: Rylan Galiardi, Channing Boe

Minnesota State worked the puck out from behind the Minnesota net, and Mike Louwerse found a rebound which he jammed in for the game's first goal.

Minnesota Goal-Goal: Ryan Stoa Assists: Cade Fairchild 1-1 tie

Minnesota State took two very bad penalties to go down two men, and Minnesota capitalized. Ryan Stoa got the puck on the side of the net and beat Zacharias down low.

They just announced attendance: 10,295. Not the turnout they were hoping for.

Minnesota State Goal-Goal Mike Louwerse Assists: Kurt Davis 2-1 MSU

Minnesota State got a 5x3 of their own and capitalized. Kurt Davis fired a shot from the point and Louwerse one-timed the rebound into the upper part of the net.

Minnesota Goal-Goal: Jordan Schroeder Assists: Cade Fairchild, Jay Barriball 2-2 tie

After a series of MSU powerplay, Minnesota got a man advantage and scored. Schroeder walked in from the left point and beat Zacharias with a nice shot.

Goal Minnesota-Goal: David Fischer Assists: Aaron Ness, Mike Carman 3-2 Minnesota

Minnesota scores their third powerplay goal of the night. Fischer fired a wrist shot through traffic that Zacharias didn't see.

End of 2nd Period. 3-2 Minnesota

The Gophers dominated the last half of that period, and it became all about survival for Minnesota State. They weren't able to maintain their lead or keep the game tied, meaning they'll have to come from behind in the third period again tonight. Minnesota State got into penalty troubles and Minnesota's powerplay is much more effective tonight.

The number of penalties really went up that period as the officials started calling more ticky-tack penalties. There were was only one call each way that I thought was really terrible. There were other soft ones, but calls that probably should have been made. One of the big problems right now is that I think the 2:00 man advantage is a bigger punishment than a lot of these infractions call for.

3rd Period is Underway

Goal Minnesota-Goal:Mike Carman Assists: David Fischer, Ryan Flynn 4-2 Minnesota

After just missing a goal on a 2-on-1, Minnesota got a shot from the point which was tipped and floated over the shoulder of Zacharias.

Minnesota Goal-Goal: Jordan Schroeder Assists: Ryan Stoa, Cade Fairchild 5-2 Minnesota

The Gophers scored their 4th powerplay goal of the game. Schroeder snuck down low and got the puck at the side of the net which he chipped in.

Goal Minnesota State-Goal: Jerad Stewart Assists: James Gaulrapp, Kurt Davis 5-3 Minnesota

Minnesota State has a bounce go their way, and after Kangas made two very nice saves, Jerad Stewart stuffed in the third. There's less than two minutes left, however, so it's likely too little too late.

Minnesota Goal-Goal: Ryan Flynn Assists: Mike Carman 6-3 Minnesota

Flynn scores an empty-netter from the neutral zone to ice the game for Minnesota.

End of Game. Final Score: Minnesota 6 Minnesota State 3

Minnesota dominated this game. Minnesota State took too many penalties and Minnesota's powerplay was lethal tonight. MSU had a chance in the third period, and looked to be building a little momentum, but Minnesota's fourth goal was a backbreaker. Minnesota looked like the far superior, more skilled team tonight. They were able to do more with the puck when they got chances than Minnesota State was.