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The Anthony Ford Committee is holding their first ever Pond Hockey Tournament on January 10th and is looking for sponsors. I know times are tough, but if you've got a company that is looking to make a tax deductible donation this year, this is a great way to support youth hockey and honor the memory of a great hockey fan.

Bruce Ciskie has been doing a weekly feature on an NCAA hockey player every week for AOL Fanhouse and this week's is on Jordan Schroeder. Normally, I'd make fun of Fox Sports North for their excessive hype of Schroeder, but he's pretty much earned it with his play--even if I rolled my eyes when Kevin Gorg tried saying Schroeder's success last Saturday had something to do with what him playing in the state high school tournament three years ago. They sure cut bait with Aaron Ness pretty quickly though. I'm sure the two-hour "Aaron Ness: Making of a Champion" show is in the can, waiting for that first career goal though.

To make it clear, the above isn't a shot at Aaron Ness, as much as some of the production choices made by FSN this year. My opinion on Ness' slow start is that he's not generating much offense on the powerplay because he has a noticeably bad shot. He moves the puck as well as anyone, but is absolutely no threat to shoot. Cade Fairchild, on the other hand, picked up quite a few points last weekend firing his heavy shot into traffic in front of the net.

Not to belabor Tuesday's election, or Minnesota, but it looks like Don Lucia's stump speech for McCain/Palin didn't do much. Speaking of coaches voting, RWD took a shot at which way coaches and bloggers voted. I was in the blue cateogory, despite the fact that I voted conservative in the county commissioner's race.

As a public service, I feel obligated to let all of you know that you can still be charged with drunk driving even if you're on an ice rink.

The World Jr. A Championships are going on right now. The World of Junior Hockey is following it quite closely. Some controversy/hilarity went down yesterday in a game between Canada West and Russia. Canada West was upset in the first game of the tournament by Belarus, and another loss would have knocked them out of the tournament. After trailing 1-0 after the first period, Canada received nine straight powerplays in the second period, and eventually won the game. The Russians handled this with neither grace nor aplomb and ended up leaving the ice before the game was over while their goalie saluted the crowd.