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It's Almost High School Hockey Time

(As a disclaimer, I'm sure the MSHSL would like to remind you that this is a blog and not a newspaper--one of the main differences being that I'm not cutting huge amounts of staff any time in the near future--and therefore nothing I say is worthy of reading. Also, this is a college hockey blog, so why would I even write about high school hockey?)

High school football is getting close to wrapping up(probably?) which means it's almost time for high school hockey season here in Minnesota.

Fox Sports North released their television schedule for this year, including a girl's game between Anoka and Centennial which, at least from a gender equity standpoint, is great to see. I also shouldn't poke too much fun at what is a great venture by FSN, but it's good to see Eden Prairie, St. Thomas Academy, and Cretin all on the schedule, so they'll have tons of footage for future Gopher games. Sadly missing from the TV schedule is my favorite school, the Walker-Hackensack-Akeley HS Deer Smackers(Editor's Note: Possibly not their real nickname.)

The 3rd annual Hockey Day Minnesota will be on January 17th this year, and the event looks to be even better this year. For one, they will be including other Minnesota universities, as Minnesota takes on St. Cloud. Southern Minnesota will also be represented in the form of Rochester John Marshall HS.

And finally, MyFoxHockey released their Preseason Top 10 poll.

Without putting a ton of research into it, my preseason top ten would look like this: 1. Edina 2. Eden Prairie 3. Hill-Murray 4. Centennial 5. Holy Angels 6. Hopkins 7. St. Thomas Academy 8. Blaine 9. Duluth East 10. Duluth Marshall