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Epic Fail Linkorama

This was the inaugural season for the Wisconsin Junior Hockey League, a Tier III league that was Wisconsin's answer to the MnJHL, and so far, it's looking like a colossal failure. People are suing the league, and teams have folded. It will be interesting to see if the failures are a result of trying to do too much in market that isn't interested in low-level junior hockey, or if there was serious malfeasance here.

Major league creep David Frost gets to keep the word 'allegedly' in front of his laundry list of major league creepy accusations . In honor of this triumph of justice, I'll say that allegedly, the world would be a better place if he were found face down in a ditch tomorrow. This also means I've got free reign to start making the joke about Canada treating Bob Turow harsher than David Frost again.

Oh yeah, and fresh off his acquittal, Frost has a new website, featuring a blog written by the guy he allegedly sexually molested.

The ECHL's Augusta Lynx are close to going belly up, unless they get an immediate injection of capital. Kevin Quick plays for the Lynx. I think we all know the obvious joke here.