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There seems to be a little bit of confusion on the Central Scouting list. Miami recruits Curtis McKenzie and Cody Murphy are listed as committed to Lake Superior. So far as I can tell, it's a simple misprint. Both of their respective league websites still list them as committed to Miami.

Another clarification on the Michigan State suspensions. It sounds like one player will sit out the Friday game, and then one player will sit out the Saturday game. No names have been released yet.

The USHL Hockey Blog has a nice write-up on the best uncommitted players in the USHL.

If any BU fans are interested in some Ethan Werek-relate schadenfreude, Kingston still really sucks. I mostly linked to this just because of the 'five bees for a quarter' reference at the end.

After a poor reaction in Philadelphia, Sarah Palin will try her luck again by dropping the ceremonial first puck at a Blues game. For those keeping score at home: 2 ceremonial puck droppings, 0 press conferences.

Former St. Cloud forward Andreas Nodl played in his first NHL game tonight. Here's a sentence I never thought I'd read: "Flyers coach John Stevens likes that Nodl is defensively sound..." Obviously 'defensively sound' is a relative term for the Flyers. They lost 7-6 to the Sharks tonight.

Nate Hagemo signed a contract with the Elmira Jackals.