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Darnell to MSU

Novi Catholic Central forward Brent Darnell committed to Michigan State this past Friday. Darnell is a '92 birthdate and high school junior this year, who will likely join the Spartans in 2011.

Darnell was recently the 4th overall pick in the 2008 USHL Future's Draft. Darnell chose Michigan State over Miami and Michigan, among other interested schools. Michigan State looks to have the start of an amazing 2011 class with a solid goalscorer NTDP forward Austin Czarnik, and a smart, gritty center in Darnell.

Darnell is an interesting example for future players, having taken the road less traveled by playing high school hockey in Michigan as opposed to dealing with some of the pitfalls of AAA hockey(politics, parents, time away from home, etc.). It's a great example that if a player is good enough, teams will find them anywhere.